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Head of Automation

My responsibility is to manage the RPA program and Center of Excellence (CoE) across the business. I am the strategic owner of the operating model for the delivery of high quality and consistent automated processes in line with operational requirements. I also manage and oversee a team of RPA developers and analysts so that the processes on the pipeline are being automated and provide the biggest business benefit.

Alex Head of RPA
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Main Responsibilities

  • Manage the Center of Excellence (CoE).
  • Engage with Senior Stakeholders to establish the governance and communication.
  • Owner of the Process Pipeline.
  • The evangelist of RPA implementation.
  • Manage and oversee a team of RPA developers and analysts.
  • Meet with senior executive to present the impact of the team.
  • Lead the Governance Board.
  • Accountability for service management in line with operational KPIs.
  • Owner of the operating model.
  • Track and report on performance.
  • Manage the Process Controllers.
  • Internal and external escalation point.
  • Manage the relationship with IT.
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Technical Skills

  • A moderate user with understanding of, and experience in Business Change Management and Transformational Change.
  • Good communications and personal skills to influence and lead people through the journey.
  • Experienced facilitator with a track record of delivering target business outcomes.
  • Ability to coach and motivate teams to think differently.
  • Experience of project management and delivery methodologies.
  • Background in software engineering, computer science or IT.
  • A background in strategy theory; defining, reporting and monitoring KPIs; building business cases etc.
  • Proven track record of implementing and building organizational changes – both operationally and technically.
  • A good understanding of process mapping and continuous improvement methodologies such as LEAN, Six Sigma and BPR.
  • Capacity to plan, coordinate and drive the implementation of the RPA Vision.
  • Project experience in addition to or instead of project/program managers.

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