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Meet the Personas

Choose from our list of job functions that closely match your business role and explore your recommended learning path.

Alex Head of RPA

Head of Automation

My responsibility is to manage the RPA program and Center of Excellence (CoE) across the business. I am the strategic owner of the operating model for the delivery of high quality and consistent automated processes in line with operational requirements. I also manage and oversee a team of RPA developers and analysts so that the processes on the pipeline are being automated and provide the biggest business benefit.

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Taylor ROM Architect

ROM Professional

I am responsible for managing the creation of the SS&C Blue Prism delivery capability within an organization. I work closely with the Head of RPA and the IT team to ensure key aspects of the ROM (methodologies, roles, responsibilities, governance, training program, accredited resources and technical infrastructure) have been implemented in a manner that maximizes the business benefit. I also engage with the business to create an approach for identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the pipeline of business process automation candidates.

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Charlie Installation Engineer

Installation Engineer

I am part of an IT team who is responsible for carrying out the product set-up and installation. I also ensure that product updates are applied and I manage systems and VM backups.

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Mia Technical Architect

Technical Architect

My job is to assist the Head of RPA, ROM Architects and Developers in fully understanding and making decisions on the implications of all technical aspects of the SS&C Blue Prism infrastructure. I design and provide solutions for the integration of networks, virtual environments and security frameworks, in accordance with standard SS&C Blue Prism architecture principles and conventions so that they are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand.

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Mo Business Process Owner Update

Business Process Owner

I am the process owner or expert who understands the steps that make up the business process to be automated. I define the details of the automated business process and validate it to make sure it matches the existing process. I will then submit the request for the automation.

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Ravi Process Analyst

Process Analyst

My job is to act as the central point of knowledge and control for business processes, communicating with the developers, subject matter experts and the business process owners to answer any queries that arise during the development and testing of an automated solution. In my role, I capture the detailed key stroke level mapping instructions of what the human workers perform when completing the process. I document business processes clearly and to the granular level of detail that is required for a SS&C Blue Prism automated solution.

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Pam Project Manager

Delivery Lead

I am responsible for the delivery management of individual process automations in accordance to the SS&C Blue Prism Delivery Methodology. I manage the detailed tasks required to deliver high quality solutions in accordance with the agreed delivery methodology to achieve a consistent high standard of solution to business requirements. I ensure that the business needs are understood in each step of the delivery cycle, produce accurate cost and resource estimates, deliver agreed budgets, identify risks and dependencies within Process Delivery and effectively managing these across internal departments and SS&C Blue Prism as necessary to deliver.

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Tariq Process Developer


My job is to build & configure process automations and objects using core workflow principles that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand in accordance with standard SS&C Blue Prism design principles and conventions. I need to be able to problem solve daily running of SS&C Blue Prism processes, and create and document test procedures and scenarios to support the Operational team during the UAT and roll out phases.

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Jim Solution Designer

Solution Designer

I work and communicate with various parts of the business to define detailed and exact requirements for solution design. I will analyze the Process Definition Documents (PDD) in detail to capture all the business process steps in solution designs and consider accompanying factors such as recoverability, scalability, reusability, security, resilience and case management, to ensure solution designs meet all requirements that adhere to SS&C Blue Prism solution design best practices.

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Nina Test Analyst

Test Analyst

I am responsible for identifying the requirement analysis and design test cases based on user requirements specification. I identify and break down all necessary tasks to test an automated process and objects before being passed to Production, and regression testing to assess the impact of what changes a new version will have on their existing automations. My job is to work within project planning constraints, identify errors and provide feedback to developers, communicate test progress and any identified project risks and issues to the delivery/project manager accordingly.

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Kai Release Manager

Release Manager

I am responsible for the control of flow of deployments and releases across multiple environments and multiple teams eliminating the potential risks of a release deployment. I move assets between Development, Test and Production and maintain the "Release Management" area of SS&C Blue Prism. I work closely with the Delivery Lead and Process Controllers to keep them updated on the release process that are ready for the next stage.

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Audrey Process Controller

Process Controller

I manage the daily administration of the SS&C Blue Prism live environment; maintaining, running processes, maintaining resource PCs, viewing logs, manage and investigate exceptions. I solve issues that arise in the day to day running of SS&C Blue Prism processes and assisting in the provision of timely responses and solutions as required. I also communicate with SS&C Blue Prism on software related issues, suggesting improvements and participating with other users in SS&C Blue Prism Community.

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Abdu Process Support Analyst

Support Analyst

I configure SS&C Blue Prism processes and objects using core workflow principles that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand. I have detailed knowledge of business processes in detail so I can provide first line support for SS&C Blue Prism processes and implementing change requirements as part of a structured change control process. I problem solve issues that arise in the day to day running of SS&C Blue Prism processes and providing timely responses and solutions as required

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