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SS&C Blue Prism is committed to the success of its customers. The Authorized Training and Academia Partner programs are designed to attract the most skilled training companies and instructors in the industry. Our goal is to leverage the resources and capabilities of these strategically chosen partners to assist us in training our customers, partners, students and everyone else worldwide.
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Additional benefits enable our partners to serve our users and the education community.

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We rely on our Training partners to help make SS&C Blue Prism products universal by transferring knowledge that will build expertise and capabilities within our entire ecosystem. Our aim is to teach professionals the skills they need to be better prepared for the constantly evolving and highly competitive job market. We require a strong focus on quality, as well as a solid business plan and highly skilled and passionate instructors.

Interested in becoming a SS&C Blue Prism Training partner? Read our program overview and apply below.

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Our worldwide partner network delivers standard and flexible, role-based, customized SS&C Blue Prism University training. All instructors are SS&C Blue Prism University certified who have completed all the necessary training and have met stringent technical certification requirements. Find a local partner that understands your unique business and training needs.

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