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  • I am having issues uploading my certification to AICTE for the internship program, what do I do?
    The AICTE program is run by our Academia partner Eduskills. If you are having issues uploading your certificate, please contact them using one of these email addresses for further assistance. You only need to email one email address and not both for assistance. [email protected] or [email protected]
  • The name on my course certificate is not correct, how do I get it updated?
    If you are part of our Academia/University program and your certificate has your correct name listed but just in the wrong order, please contact our Academia Partner Eduskills using one of the following email addresses for further assistance.

    You only need to email one email address and not both to receive assistance. [email protected] or [email protected].

    If the name on your certificate is not correct and you have updated your portal account with the correct name, please contact us directly for further assistance.
  • Why should my educational institution be interested in joining SS&C Blue Prism Academia Program?

    We have several features that allow our program to benefit your students and your institution:

    • Bridging the gap between education and employment.
    • Provide enhanced learning and world-class training, to the next generation of learners.
    • Easy online enrolment for qualifying institutions—at no cost.
    • Well-rounded curriculum designed to position students for cutting-edge RPA jobs.
    • Multiple courseware formats.
    • Content is available in six (6) languages for most courses.
    • Access to the SS&C Blue Prism University Learning Community, which introduces students and instructors to subject matter experts on Intelligent Automation technologies.
  • What are the requirements for joining SS&C Blue Prism Academia Program?

    To gain SS&C Blue Prism Academia membership, your institution should meet these qualifications:

    • Must be formally accredited by a public or other governing body.
    • Must be a degree, diploma, and certificate-granting institution.
    • Must be a non-profit institution that does not charge students on a per-class basis to receive SS&C Blue Prism training.
  • What does it cost to join SS&C Blue Prism Academia Program?

    Because we believe that closing the technology skills gap is vital to the future of enterprise software, we offer SS&C Blue Prism Academia course content at no cost to qualifying educational institutions.

  • How do students and educators enroll in a SS&C Blue Prism training course?

    To kick-start your SS&C Blue Prism journey, follow these easy steps:

    1. Create your SS&C Blue Prism University Portal account
    Register for a SS&C Blue Prism portal account using your school email address at Create new account | SS&C Blue Prism Portal.
    Click the password link in your registration email (hint: email will come from “”).
    Click the “Log In” button.
    Set your new password.
    Scroll down to Fill out your profile information.
    Make sure to click the “Save” button!
    You will see a green ribbon and message indicating changes have been saved.
    Accept and confirm the privacy policy pop-up (only active on first-time login).

    Go to our University courses and start learning!

    2. How to download and install your free Learning Edition License

    Go to our SS&C Blue Prism Portal.

    You will need to log into your account by using the login button in the upper right corner

    Once logged in, navigate to our PRODUCT drop down and select BLUE PRISM ENTERPRISE and then LEARNING EDITION

    Watch our short video on how to Download and Install Blue Prism Learning Edition

  • How do I join SS&C Blue Prism Academia program?
    If you are a student, enroll in our courses and start learning now.

    If you are an educator, please visit Educators Program Eligibility column to submit your application form.

    If you are an academic institution, please visit Academic Institution Program Eligibility to submit your application form.

  • How is the SS&C Blue Prism University curriculum created?

    SS&C Blue Prism curriculum is built with input from development, support, and field consulting teams to help educational institutions keep pace with the Intelligent Automation industry demands. The curriculum offers hands-on instruction across the platform, giving students the opportunity to learn practical skills based on used cases from enterprise implementations.

  • Do I get a Course Participation Certificate after completion of a SS&C Blue Prism Academia course?

    Yes, students and Educators are provided with a participation certificate upon successfully completing all the course sections and the self-test through SS&C Blue Prism University LMS.

  • Where do I go to take a certification exam?

    All SS&C Blue Prism professional certification exams are scheduled, and most can be taken either online or in person at an authorised Pearson VUE test centre. Once you have successfully passed one of our exams, the SS&C Blue Prism Digital Badging program allows you to receive a digital badge.

    Learn more about individual SS&C Blue Prism certification exams here.

    To schedule your exam appointment, please visit Pearson Vue.

  • What type of lab does SS&C Blue Prism University offer?

    SS&C Blue Prism University offers an Enterprise product to help you become familiar with SS&C Blue Prism software.

    SS&C Blue Prism tools can be downloaded in two steps.

    Step: 1 - Learning Edition:

    • A feature-limited installation of SS&C Blue Prism.
    • A free 90-day license.
    • This works only on an individual personal laptop or personal desktop.
    • To support the above edition, we provide free access to our product documentation, training materials, and SS&C Blue Prism Learning Community.
    • Ensure your device meets the minimum requirements. Click here to learn more about the minimum requirements for Learning Edition.

    Step 2 - Training License:
    You will need a training license to use the SS&C Blue Prism software. The license is for a feature limited installation of SS&C Blue Prism.

    • The license is a free 12 months license.
    • This license only works on institution computer lab systems.
    • To support the above training license, we provide free access to our product documentation, training materials, and SS&C Blue Prism Learning Community.
    • Ensure your device meets the minimum requirements:
      • Intel Processor should be x64 with a minimum speed of 1.4 GHz but ideally 2.0 GHz or faster.
      • Step One - Install SQL Server Express (which is the free version) 2016 or 2017 in all the systems. (HTTPS://WWW.MICROSOFT.COM/EN-IN/SQL-SERVER/SQL-SERVER-EDITIONS-EXPRESS).
      • Step Two - Install v6+ for local training. Please go to University Portal > Product > Previous Releases. Install SS&C Blue Prism 6+ > x64.msi. (HTTPS://PORTAL.BLUEPRISM.COM/PRODUCTS/PREVIOUS).
      • Step Three - Install foundation training setup – it can be found at LMS > Blue Prism Foundation Training Section 1: Foundation Training Setup Guide.
      • Step Four – Contact your SSC& Blue Prism Academia Program Manager to share the training license.
  • What is an Authorized Training Partner?

    An Authorized Training Partner is a SS&C Blue Prism Partner that is authorized to train our SS&C Blue Prism Courses. Their instructors are certified by SS&C Blue Prism to ensure knowledge of the product, so you get the best experience. To find out more information, please visit our Training Partners page.

  • How do I become an Authorised training partner?

    If you wish to apply for the Authorized Training Partner Program, please visit our Authorized Training Partner Page for more information.

  • Account Queries
    • How can I update my Credly email address?

      You can update your Credly email address at any time, but Credly does recommend leaving all email addresses within your account.

      For steps on how to update your email address including how to switch your default email address, please click the link below.

      Credly: How to update my email address

    • How do I merge my Credly accounts?

      If you have multiple accounts on Credly, with different email addresses, it is possible to merge all your accounts together under one email address and password.

      Please access the link below to learn how to merge your Credly accounts.

      How do I merge multiple Credly accounts?

    • I can’t log into my Credly account, what can I do?

      If you are experiencing issues logging into your Credly account, please contact Credly directly for further assistance.

      Credly Support

      If you have forgotten your password, just click on the FORGOT PASSWORD button below the log in screen for further assistance.

    • Can I add multiple emails to my Credly account?

      You can easily add other email address(es) to your profile. This will ensure that all your Credly badges will be assigned to your profile, no matter which email address is used for issuing.

      To add a secondary email:

      1. Log into your Credly account
      2. Click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner
      3. Click "Settings"
      4. Click the "Account" tab from the left-hand menu
      5. In the "Add Email Address" box, type an alternate email address, click "Add"
      6. Credly will send a verification email to the new address
      7. Click the link in the email to complete the verification process

      If you have any issues adding in another email, please contact Credly customer service for assistance.

    • How do I automatically accept badges from SS&C Blue Prism?

      There is a feature in Credly which allows you to automatically accept any badges from a specific organization. Once this setting is set, you will automatically accept any badges from SS&C Blue Prism. You will still receive an email informing you about your new badge, but you will not have to take any further action.

      • Log into your Credly account
      • Select the profile icon in the top right-hand side of the page
      • Click on SETTINGS
      • Select ORGANIZATIONS
      • You will be able to enable this feature for SS&C Blue Prism Certification badges.

      Please note that you will have to have earned at least one badge first before this option will be avialable to you.

    • The name on my SS&C Blue Prism Certification from Credly is not correct, what do I do?
      If you have noticed that the name on your Credly badge is not correct, please contact us so we can assist you.
  • Badge Visibility
  • General Queries
  • How do I purchase a SS&C Blue Prism University Training Environment?
    1. Go to our purchase portal for Training environments

    2. Select “Self-paced courses” from the top menu

    3. Select the training environment/s that you require based on the courses and lab times that you need

    4. Click on the shopping cart and select “add”

    5. You can add further environments or check out Enter your information and check

  • How can I get my training enviormment for Blue Prism Cloud courses?
    We no longer supply training environments for our Cloud courses, it is expected that the student will use their own cloud environment when taking this training.
  • What payment methods are accepted for purchasing a SS&C Blue Prism University Training Environment?

    You can pay using credit/debit card or PayPal

    If you are experiencing issues with your payment or with the purchase portal, please contact ReadyTech via their chatbot or email them directly at [email protected].

  • How much lab and access time will I need to complete my course?
    We have included recommendations on each Training Environment listed in the purchase portal.
  • How do I extend my lab time?

    You may find that you need some extra time to support the training that you are working through. Please note you will need to purchase additional lab time/access time before it expires, to prevent the loss of your work.

    We have the following lab time extension options for you to choose from:

    • You can extend your access time window for additional week/s, this will allow you extra week/s to continue using your existing lab hours.

    • You can extend your lab time by additional hours; this means that you have more lab time to work in the lab environment, but your access time window will remain the same.

    To extend your lab time or access window time, please click on the button labeled "extend lab" in your Training Environment in the Self-Paced Portal

    This will take you to a sub-page of our purchase portal which is only visible through the Self-Paced Portal

    You will then be able to select one of the options available and run through the payment process

    Once your payment is processed, the additional extension will be added to your remaining time, and you will be re-directed back to the Self-Paced Portal

  • How can I ensure that my computer is compatible with the ReadyTech system before I purchase lab time?
    Run a pre check on your computer, to ensure that it is compatible with the ReadyTech system before you purchase your lab time.
  • What if I need technical support while using the lab system?
    You can contact ReadyTech directly via their chat, usually found in the lower right corner of the screen. You can also email them directly at [email protected] If you have any queries about the lab materials provided in the Training Environments, please contact SS&C Blue Prism University using our contact form.
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