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Technical Architect

My job is to assist the Head of RPA, ROM Architects and Developers in fully understanding and making decisions on the implications of all technical aspects of the SS&C Blue Prism infrastructure. I design and provide solutions for the integration of networks, virtual environments and security frameworks, in accordance with standard SS&C Blue Prism architecture principles and conventions so that they are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand.

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Main Responsibilities

  • Focused on security, access, operating system and server provision.
  • Liaise with IT to establish a serviced, supported, scalable and secure technical environment that scales in line with predicted business demand.
  • Assist ROM Architects, Head of RPA and Developers in fully understanding the implications of IT infrastructure.
  • Working with various stakeholders to ensure access and security profiles meet the needs of the solution and all policies/restrictions in place.
  • Identifying new technical integration solutions and accurately analyzing and estimating new architectures, quickly assessing feasibility.
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Technical Skills

  • System Administrator user with a solid understanding of SS&C Blue Prism architecture.
  • A strong IT background including virtualized environments, database provisioning and maintenance, secure networks.
  • A good understanding of new technologies.
  • Experience and knowledge of system engineering and IT architectures.
  • Experience and knowledge of software delivery methodologies .

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