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Release Manager

I am responsible for the control of flow of deployments and releases across multiple environments and multiple teams eliminating the potential risks of a release deployment. I move assets between Development, Test and Production and maintain the "Release Management" area of SS&C Blue Prism. I work closely with the Delivery Lead and Process Controllers to keep them updated on the release process that are ready for the next stage.

Kai Release Manager
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Main Responsibilities

  • Handles the release administration of the SS&C Blue Prism live environment and determines the processes that are ready for the next stage.
  • Responsible for moving assets between development, test and production.
  • Work closely with the delivery lead and process controllers to keep them updated on the release process.
  • Defines project go-no-go criteria.
  • Assess each deployment request and assess the risk of each release deployment.
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Technical Skills

  • A moderate user with good organisational skills, to schedule processes, monitor resources and log issues.
  • Good written skills with the ability to produce clear and concise technical documentation.
  • A background in implementation management.

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