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Installation Engineer

I am part of an IT team who is responsible for carrying out the product set-up and installation. I also ensure that product updates are applied and I manage systems and VM backups.

Charlie Installation Engineer
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Main Responsibilities

  • Responsible for product set-up, installation, updates and managing systems/VM backups.
  • Manages the infrastructure that the ROM exists on and is involved from conception to implementation.
  • Responsible for the security of the data ensuring the security policies mandated by regulatory bodies and internal standards are maintained.
  • Responsible for the IT dependencies on the RPA program.
  • Part of the governance board.
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Technical Skills

  • A moderate user who can explain exactly how SS&C Blue Prism is deployed in an environment, such as the location of the components.
  • Knows how the product works and the type of infrastructure impacts there are.
  • Has a software engineer, computer science or IT background.
  • A good understanding of process mapping and continuous improvement methodologies.
  • Experience of project management, and delivery methodologies.
  • An understanding of, and experience in business change management and transformational change.

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