Installation Engineer

To become a certified Installation Engineer, you must pass the Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism® Environment Exam. The exam tests a candidate's knowledge and understanding of how all Blue Prism® architectural components should be deployed and configured for a successful implementation

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Exam Details

  • 45 multiple choice questions randomly selected from a pool
  • All questions of equal weight
  • 60 minute exam*
  • Pass mark 70%

*Candidates from countries where English is not an official language may be awarded an extra 30 minutes. Please see the FAQs for further details.


The exam is presented in the following sections:

  • General Component Knowledge
  • Configuring Application Servers
  • Configuring Runtime Resources
  • Configuring Interactive Clients
  • Configuring a Blue Prism® Database
  • Configuring Login Agent
  • Troubleshooting

The exam covers the following broad scope:

  • Component architecture and implementation options
  • Managing user access via Active Directory integration
  • Secure storage and management of access credentials
  • Database provisioning and maintenance
  • Windows and application authentication


Candidates must have practical experience in setting up Blue Prism® environments from at least v5.0.23 in a range of deployment scenarios. To prepare for the exam it is advised that the candidate read and fully understand the following product documentation available on the Blue Prism Portal.

** NDA required. Please see your Blue Prism Account Manager

Registration and Scheduling

To register and schedule the Blue Prism Developer exam please to go the Blue Prism Page at Pearson VUE.  You can also find the rescheduling, cancellation, and exam retake policy during registration. 
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