The Blue Prism® Developer exam tests a developer’s understanding of the mandatory Blue Prism® Developer concepts and functionality.

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Exam Details

  • 60 questions randomly selected from a pool (single choice, multiple choice, drag & drop, fill in the blank)
  • All questions of equal weight
  • 60 minute exam*
  • Pass mark 70%

*Candidates from countries where English is not an official language may be awarded an extra 30 minutes. Please see the FAQs for further details.


  • Detailed understanding of Blue Prism® native functions and their correct application.
  • Date Functions: DateAdd() DateDiff() FormatDate() MakeDate() Now() Today()
  • Environment Functions: IsStoprequested()
  • Text Functions: Concatenate() EndsWith() Mid() Left() Len() Right() StartsWith() Trim()
  • Datatypes: different datatypes and casting data of one type to another type using a calculation stage.
  • Debugging: stepping in, stepping out, to breakpoints, what happens when exceptions are thrown when stepping over or stepping out of subpages.
  • Environment and session variables: when to use them, where they are created, how can they be amended, how are they assigned and when is a change affected in a process.
  • Exception handling: throwing exceptions and correct use of recover, resume stages. Exception types, detail and preserving detail. Correct use of blocks.
  • Process flow through decision, choice stages and sub-pages.
  • Wait stages: how to use them, when to use arbitrary waits.
  • Correct use of action retrying from a process as per Blue Prism® standard template. (See portal template and process creation tutorial).
  • Knowledge of Blue Prism® process templates and their structure and flow.
  • How to keep sensitive data out of session logs and Control Room
  • Process exposure to Control Room. How to control exposure and under what conditions will processes not be exposed?
  • Correct use of attributes to ensure consistent identification of elements. Which attributes are best for helping make element attributes unique? And which are not? Causes of previously spied elements suddenly not being found. Use of dynamic attributes, correct setting in application modeller and how to set attribute parameters from Blue Prism® stages. Use of regular expressions to identify elements.
  • Correct use of Global Send Keys and Global Send Key Events.
  • Object exposure: correct understanding of the differences between background, foreground and exclusive modes and their effect when attempting to create sessions in Control Room
  • Collections and Loops; correct flow, correct syntax in decisions and calculations, nested collections and nested loops
  • Work queues; creation and administration. Functionality in Control Room. All work queues internal business object actions, filtering syntax, case management and the correct use of tags.


To prepare for the Developer Certification exam you should successfully complete the ‘Blue Prism® Developer Certification’ Learning Plan, consisting of:

  • Basic Awareness
  • Blue Prism® Foundation Training
  • Blue Prism® Process Templates
  • Blue Prism® Credentials and Credential Manager
  • Blue Prism® Advanced Data Items
  • Blue Prism® Advanced Attribute Matching
  • Blue Prism® Advanced Exception Handling
  • Blue Prism® Advanced Work Queues
  • Blue Prism® Process Delivery Roadmap
  • and more!

Compliment the above learning by testing your knowledge via the self-test in the Blue Prism University and taking the Advanced Consolidation Exercise (ACE).

You may also wish to complete the Blue Prism Developer Certification Practice Exam in preparation for your exam.

Although the exam can be taken at any time it is advised that you support your learning with at least three months of solid practical development experience.

When taking the exam please bear in mind that any spelling mistakes or syntax errors within the questions are deliberate.

Entry Requirements and Registration Procedure

To register for the Blue Prism® Developer exam please go to the Blue Prism Page at Pearson Vue.

A minimum of one month must elapse between a failed exam and an exam resit.

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